Today’s New Track | Caribou’s “Can’t Do Without You”


Standing as the opener to Caribou’s upcoming release, Our Love, the lead single “Can’t Do Without You” genuinely escalates until the last minute before truly standing on its feet. It opens with a case of myopia, the early fuzz of Caribou’s track fizzling into something much larger, remixing Dan Snaith’s vocal chimes while fizzling synth pads with steady percussion. Each intrinsic layer stacks upon the last until multiplying towards a resolution of digital euphoria able to lift a crowd off its feet with bubbling intensity.

This track is from Caribou’s sixth studio album, which is slotted for an October 7th release.

Our Love:

1 ~ Can’t Do Without You
2 ~ Silver
3 ~ All I Ever Need
4 ~ Our Love
5 ~ Dive
6 ~ Second Chance
7 ~ Julia Brightly
8 ~ Mars
9 ~ Back Home
10 ~ Your Love Will Set You Free


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