Hundred Waters release hypnotic “Murmurs” video

hundred waters

Opening with a hypnotic pan of the camera to-and-fro while paralleled with singer Nicole Miglis’s sensual repetition of “I wish you/I wish you/I wish you/I wish you would see what I see“, sets the pace for Hundred Water’s first music video off their recent release, The Moon Rang Like A Bell. Directed by Bangs, the remainder of the video follows Minglis shifting spaces throughout an unfinished house that being invaded by an army of construction workers locked in slow-motion. Just over halfway through, she begins slow-mo slow dancing with one of the workers.

Hundred Waters’s transition from their 2012 self-titled LP breaks the mold stated by their melodic, softly-accented freshman act. Certain moments of “Murmurs” percussion sound borrowed from blasting rocks during a game of Asteroids, accented delicately by piano chords into a meditative instrumental. Watch and listen to one of Hundred Waters’s stand-out tracks “Murmurs” off their dreamy new album.



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