Mac DeMarco performs acoustic renditions of “Marilyn and Me” and “Eating Like a Kid”, issues drawing contest

mac demarco contest

Cropping up originally on his Live and Acoustic Volume 1 cassette, Mac DeMarco is re-instigating past tracks “Marilyn and Me” and “Eating Like a Kid” in a new way: by delivering an in-studio performance with Roland in London. Sounding no more polished than they were at their inception – and recorded again in acoustic form – the two songs are set to be released as singles for his Wonderful World of Mac DeMarco  7″ series under Captured Tracks. Luckily, for those who can’t shell out $100+ for his limited edition package, both parts of his session are viewable below.

Furthermore, Captured Tracks announced a contest today urging listeners to draw a portrait of Mac. The two winners (chosen by Mac) will have their art featured on the jacket of 7″ inch singles released later on, along with raking in a free subscription to his 7″ series. So if you’re a frugal, diehard Mac DeMarco fan: this is your shot.

The contest rules are as follows:

1. Must be original art and you must be sole owner of copyright.
2. Must fit 7×7″ dimensions.
3. Must tag your photo on Instagram with #sketchymac
4. Must transfer copyright to Mac for potential future reproductions
5. Must be submitted before the 27th of June 2014.


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