Today’s New Track | White Fence’s “Like That”

white fence

Toted as an anthem for the 99-percenters, Tim Presley – better recognized as White Fence – wrote “Like That” while rubbing elbows with his long-time friend and musical equivalent, Ty Segall. Both guys have a small collective of bands they play under, a steady outflow of solo projects, and manage to make the time for mutual collaborations. (Only a couple years ago, the two met up to craft their 40-minute guitarslinger album, Hair, featuring wicked rock slabs like “Time”.)

This time around, Presley has moved out of his comfort zone: from his bedroom to a proper recording studio – well, actually, just Segall’s tiny garage-turned-studio. At the point of “Like That”s lyrical completion, Presley turns to Segall and says, “Dude, I just wrote a hit.” He admits he was embarrassed to record it when talking with Interview, although bypassed these initial hesitations and cut the track anyway. The result adds up to a jangly 70s rock tune perfect for a long-haired youngster’s first day at college, out of the parent’s house and given their shot to take the world by the balls. Being just a taste of his For the Recently Found Innocent LP, “Like That” puts a good foot forward for White Fence as we all await the July 22nd release date for more.


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