Today’s New Track | Ultimate Painting’s “Ultimate Painting”

ultimate painting

Recently added to the Chicago-centered Trouble In Mind label (and joining ranks with their now-brothers Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin), Ultimate Painting are debuting their first single aptly titled “Ultimate Painting”. Being a two man team – Jack Cooper from Mazes and James Hoare of Veronica Falls – these two have launched a sound that strikingly could be a mashup of their two founding bands. What’s new here, though, is the infallible comfort they’ve found in their collaboration.

It’s reminiscent of that never-gonna-stop-strumming appeal of Kurt Vile, able to find a golden tone and stick with it because, hell, why not? “Ultimate Painting” is a warming tune, fit for a breezy highway drive through the Rockies or to be matched with a good slice of pie. It’s a tasty lick.

Not unlike their band name and song title, their August 18th album will share the same coincidence: being called Ultimate Painting. Definitely mark your calendar if this peeks your ear’s interests.


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