Early Admission ~ The Mystery Lights

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Date of Birth: 2004 (but they could be mistaken for a 1960s troupe)

Members Names: Mike Brandon hones guitar and vocals, L.A. Solano also operates the guitar, Alex Amini slaps the bass, and Nick Pillot bangs the drums


Current Whereabouts: Hailing originally from the sandy beaches of Los Angeles, this band has found a new home among the football-sized rats and spewage of NYC

Sound Relations: Getting a psychedelic vibe in the same breath as The Yellow Payges except with piercing guitar tones typical of Jimi Hendrix and a reverb high you’d find more in Tame Impala’s “Be Above It”


Recent Doings: Patching together their self-titled EP, which is heaping with garage rock fuzz and taking a donation-based download here. Zero listings for future live shows currently exist, yet they’ve kept busy popping up at BBQs and beach parties on occasion.

Digital Personas:  Facebook   Twitter   Soundcloud   Bandcamp



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