Philadelphia DJ whitewashes graffiti composed for Kurt Vile’s Wakin’ on a Pretty Daze cover

wakin on pretty daze before after

After a day’s worth of illustrating the lyric-inspired images, color-shading each freehand sketch, ingesting a dizzying amount of paint chemicals and scaling across a wall via cherry picker, the Philadelphia mural which embodied Kurt Vile’s Wakin’ on a Pretty Daze album cover was completed. It survived one year before being desecrated.

Just recently, a man unaffiliated with with the building, let alone Philadelphia took action to scour the art piece. He claims to be a resident to the neighborhood for the past 15 years and “thought that mural there was the cause of more illegal graffiti” in an interview with a Philadelphia reporter Leah R. Kauffman. What stand to be the most bizarre facts in this case are about the clean-up culprit: he is being identified as DJ Lee Mayjahs, a musician and former spray paint artist himself.

Imminent backlash has reached Mayiahs’ doorstep, which has prompted his formal apologies to both Kurt Vile and the wall’s artist Steve “ESPO” Powers. In his letters to both, he has offered to pony up the money it would take for ESPO to recommission the graffiti art back to its original form. Fortunately, a representative for Kurt Vile has already confirmed ESPO has agreed to repaint the wall.

Here is video documenting the original creation of the mural:


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