Today’s New Track | Younger Still’s “Lie”

younger still

Starry-eyed dreampop hits a soft spot in our hearts, taking all the ingredients for an easy listening tune and laying over it with some tranquilizing vocals. Beach House does this in strides; and not far from their footing we find Ohio’s Younger Still. With their sun-kissed track “Lie” we meet the constantly evolving group finding their path to fruition. Its most constant member has been Nick Butto, a workaholic of sorts, hellbent on finding the right sound, one with a quality of accessibility. From their Bear Bones EP to their latest single, Younger Still continues to craft a unique atmospheric tone, yet furthering the depth to their music’s captured ambience.

“Lie” is utterly pacifying, bubbling with its upbeat chorus and positive vibes, essential for overcoming an Independence Day-style hangover. After hearing “Lie”, don’t let another standout hit “Magic” by Younger Still go unheard as we cross our fingers they have more new music up their sleeve.


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