Interpol unload “All The Rage Back Home” video off El Pintor album

interpol video

Alt rock band Interpol have decided to share their lead track, “All The Rage Back Home”, recently via music video (seen below). The dimly lit, B&W shots of the NYC-based group are dichotomized between the taping of an unknowing surfer’s afternoon leisure, which seems strange considering there isn’t much for surfing going on in the Big Apple (besides Rockaway Beach). Singer Paul Banks co-directed the video with Sophia Peer, best known for her oversight on three separate videos for The National, a bizarre clay head bit for Yeasayer and a lots more.

“All The Rage Back Home” sets the tone for Interpol’s El Pintor album, arriving September 9th in North America and September 8th internationally. (El Pintor so happens to translate to “the painter” in Spanish and also operates as an anagram of Interpol.) The record was recorded by James Brown of the Arctic Monkeys and Foo Fighters, while being mixed by Alan Moulder, a renowned producer known for his studio partnerships with some of the best known 80s shoegaze bands and current day contemporary rock groups. Live performances of other new tracks off El Pintor have already seen the stage – those being “My Desire” and “Anywhere”.


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