Today’s New Track | Roses’s “It’s Over”


Whoever said the 80’s are dead never listened to Roses. Seemingly, the LA trio haven’t given up the synth-laced dreams deeply associated with virtually every classic John Hughes film out there. “It’s Over” is a testament to that era; all the Members Only jackets thusly paired with parachute pants or faded dad jeans and some poofed up-do. If Roses newest cut were a member of the Hughes ensemble, they would easily be Ducky – smooth rolling and confident.

Aside from rightly embalming one of the greatest musical decades, “It’s Over” is a highly recommendable indie tune from former members of the electro-punk group Abe Vigoda (yes, same name as The Godfather actor). The starkly differing sounds disjoint Roses from their prior efforts, making their debut EP something to anticipate. Dreamlover is set as the title of the four-song release expected out on August 5th.

Another equally upbeat song by Roses, “Florence Girl”, appeared back in June and can be heard here.


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