Today’s New Track | Shining Bird’s “Distant Dreaming”

shining bird

Whether you are crashing off a string of chaotic days or hurdling some turbulent times, Shining Bird have put together a track essential in bringing that come down full circle. They call it “Distant Dreaming”; a fitting title for a song so soothing in it’s demeanor. The subtle progression feels like sinking deeper and deeper into a La-Z-Boy until you’ve disappeared altogether, lugged along by the hush baritone of vocalist Dane Taylor into a cloudy trance.

Hailing from New South Wales, Australia, Shining Bird’s mellow synth and melody fusion sound sublime, much like the LP it comes from, Leisure Coast, which is available now. If you are any part of The Magnetic Fields or The National’s fanbase, you’d be doing yourself a favor in checking out more of Shining Bird’s work.


It so happens an official video was paired to “Distant Dreaming”, too, one with a technicolor ambiance that feels so heavily inspired by a Bill Nye the Science Guy music video – it’s astonishing. You’ll find the must-see video below:


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