Today’s New Track | Baked’s “Don’t Trip”


Lo-fi tracks find their way to this website ever-so-frequently, and “Don’t Trip” doesn’t break the norm. What this five-piece New Yorker group does exceptionally well is taking that punk mentality of displaying little musical intrigue, but still forging a sound that sits well in the ear. The haziness of their newest cut is palpable from the opening seconds, all coming in tune with R.J. Gordon and Isabella Mingione’s lackadaisical vocal harmony. Nothing feels forced – just kosher – as if the song is dragging you at the ankles through a grassy knoll while you watch the clouds move opposite of you. Baked’s slothy pace hits full-drive about half-way through with a raging guitar solo before sending you out the door among a wall of reverb.

For a band whose first LP is right around the corner, they seem comfortable with the brand of music they’ve latched onto. Debt will be released onto us all August 19th from the Exploding in Sound label, which has a digital and vinyl pre-order available here. Two other tracks from the upcoming LP (“Hungry Ghosts” and “Mick Jagger”) are also available to hear if you feel so inclined.


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