Today’s New Track | Palace’s “Veins”


With the world spinning on its axis – spitting out music of all varieties from all orifices – here and now we find our heads swirling over the dreamy “Veins” release from London newcomers, Palace. Equally to their audience, this four-piece pack of long-time chums must aptly lose themselves in the bluesy sounds they produce – after all, how couldn’t they? The soft pull of their spacey guitar opener hits so smooth it could calm a hurricane, the kind of sound you’d want reverberating through your spacesuit while you’re overlooking vast cosmic skies. Once Leo Wyndham’s vocals kick in, “Veins” starts a steady climb, sprinkling in more percussion and some glossy electric guitar before crescendoing into a soft closing pull of the curtain on our first glimpse from Palace.

Being just the precursor to their debut EP, “Veins” shows an undoubtable grandeur for what’s to come. Definitely mark your calendars (or toss up a phone reminder) for October 20th, the day Beatnik Creative is set to publish Palace’s Lost in the Night. The limited edition, five-song EP is available for pre-order here.


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