Today’s New Track | King Tuff’s “Eyes of the Muse”

king tuff

Two years ago we were lavished with King Tuff’s self-titled album which featured a sea of lo-fi/garage rock hits like “Bad Thing” and “Alone and Stoned”. Now, it seems that sea is trenching itself a little deeper with more sunny tunes on the horizon – offering us “Eyes of the Muse”. This time around, King Tuff hits us with a richer beach sound with less of the lo-fi but a crisper punch from his electric guitar. For the genre this is shelved in, it’s on the longer-running side of the tracks – reaching 4 minutes and 13 seconds (being the third longest song the band has recorded) – yet holds up as a worthy summer rock anthem.

To be part of his upcoming The Black Moon Spell LP out on September 23rd, Kyle Thomas (the man behind King Tuff) gives an all too perfect account of how to treat the album’s release, writing “POUR A VOLCANIC CUP OF THE BLACK MOON SPELL INTO YOUR EARS AND LET IT FEAST OFF THE REFRIGERATORS OF YOUR MIND. THANK YOU.” So there you go, King Tuff said what we were all planning to do anyway.


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