Today’s New Track | Erlend Øye’s “Garota”

Erlend Øye

Erlend Øye embraces his global citizenship wholeheartedly, being born and raised in Bergen, Norway, then moving to London in ’98 to join a band, all before investing himself in Berlin’s electronic scene four years later. His first solo album, Unrest, was recorded in ten different cities (roaming from Barcelona to Rome, to Helsinki and then Turku) and consisted of ten unique songs that were each spawned by his collaboration with ten different electronica artists. Øye clearly has a travel lust, or perhaps a primal fear of falling into a routine.

“Garota” follows as our first stellar peek (aside from the disclosure of “Fence Me In” in February) into Øye’s sophomore solo LP titled Legao, due for an October 3rd publication. Departing from his previous ‘ten city/ten artist’ concept, Legao has sunk its toes into the sandy beaches of Iceland, cozying up with a local reggae group, Hjálmar. Suddenly, we see Øye with a raw diversity unheard of from Unrest, as “Garota” dazzles with its wide instrumental ensemble, abling Øye to compose a much more holistic musical piece. Hear and see the track’s video below (which was filmed in Seoul, South Korea):


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