Today’s New Track | Spoon’s “Inside Out”

spoon inside out

Everything we’ve heard so far from Spoon’s soon-to-drop album They Want My Soul has resonated as ‘classic Spoon.’ Two weeks from launch and out of the blue (but not out of left field), we find ourselves feasting upon the furthest departure by the Texas band as of yet.

“Inside Out” flutters towards an inescapable hypnotism, drawing you in like an anglerfish’s latest prey. Unlike “Do You” which relied heavily on Britt Daniel’s vocal bolstering, Spoon’s newest rendition wafts along with a slow-burning instrumentation not far off the Steve Miller Band hit “Fly Like An Eagle”. From a group projected for a more post-punk/pop shelf life, “Inside You” could be the outside-of-the-box single Spoon has been needing – and perhaps waiting – to deliver. And if the song’s video pairing doesn’t drain the color out of your skin (pun intended) then nothing will. Watch it below and wait for more Spoon coming August 5th.


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