[UPDATE!] Newly discovered Lewis album is available now to the masses

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[First off, if this is your first dive into the mystery that is Lewis, read about his backstory and recent popular emergence right here.]

The first uncovered, ultra rare sophomore album by Lewis, called Romantic Times, has reached $1,725 on eBay – and before the bidding has even reached its end, L’Amour reissuers, Light In The Attic, have already made available a digital copy of the new record. Available for purchase on their website, Romantic Times will also see a CD release on August 26th and vinyl pressing come November 18th (with limited edition ‘pastel pink’ and ‘Malibu blue’ pressings open to early buyers).

Oddly so, this record is credited towards Lewis Baloue, who remains as the very same, white-clad Lewis of before appearing in front a white jet and Mercedes convertible. (Best guess is this must be another of his pseudonyms at work, or at least the full version of this one.) Dan Lowe, the cited engineer of Romantic Times, was immediately contacted in question of any memory he holds from their in-studio sessions. After some time excavating 30 year-old happenings from his mind, Lowe recalled little of their time together apart from a belief Lewis was likely “under the influence.”

It seems the growing legend shall continue.


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