Mac DeMarco unleashes yet another weirdo video, this time for “Chamber of Reflection”

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 12.08.57 PM

Not far off par from his blood-spurting “Passing Out Pieces” video back in May, Mac has electively made a video (of sorts) to commemorate his far-out “Chamber of Reflection” track from his Salad Days album. Although, to be honest, Mac likely didn’t record this; he’s already alleged how “It’s an honor, Al Pacino has directed our newest video.” Wow, what an honor.

As the video opens, a woman (possibly Mac’s girlfriend Kiera) is seen in sexy Homer poise modeling overtop a taupe-colored Ford. The original rendition of “Chamber of Reflection” has been noticeably set in downtempo – assumably a playback error considering Mac’s a pretty strait-laced guy most of the time.

Much of it goes on to be a strange thoroughfare, like something you’d pull off an Adult Swim commercial break. Beyond the standard ‘what the fuck?’ that comes with everything Mac touches, there’s no point in spoiling much more of the video’s contents as I’m sure you’re already watching it by now.



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