Today’s New Track | Literature’s “New Jacket”


Obscurity comes in all forms. As for Literature, it’s in the atypical methods the Philly group undertakes while recording (most of which date back to the 60s). Through tape flanging, pitching vocals through Leslie speaker cabinets and replicating the very same automatic double-tracking techniques spawned within Abbey Road Studios, Literature has ultimately procured “New Jacket” – alongside what’s soon to come from their upcoming LP, Chorus.

With their second album arriving August 19th, its first drops have given nods to The Smiths and Pains of Being Pure at Heart, the second of whom they’ve toured with prior. Perhaps the sound of their peers has rubbed them right, pushing more pop into their sound – something clearly evident in their other Chorus sneak peek “The English Softhearts”.

Considering Literature’s debut record Arab Spring sold out on its first and second-issue vinyl pressings, there’s plenty to anticipate for what’s soon to come.


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