Week of August 5th: New Album Releases

august 5th music player

Naomi Punk – Television Man

Naomi Punk’s album issuer, Captured Tracks, calls the Washington post-punk outfit’s latest work a “collection of oblique punk anthems and collaged instrumental pieces.” After hearing Television Man in full, it’s safe to say they didn’t stray far from the truth. Much of it is a less wily edition of Wire’s Pink Flag – yet, in contrary, Naomi Punk aren’t afraid to dig deep, get a little dirty/a little bloody along the way. (A better improvised title for the album may be the closing track’s name, “Rodeo Trash Pit”.) With blind eyes and no knowledge of the reverb flooding one’s ear canal, most headbangers would mistake their sound for Ty Segall; and if that piques your interest, there’s a special track lingering underneath just for you.


Roses – Dreamlover EP

Finally finished your consumption of John Hughes’ entire filmography? Looking for something to fill the void? Before you get the chance to blow the dust off your copy of Fast Times, give these guys a play instead. Their Dreamlover EP is the epitome of 80s nostalgia; each of Roses’ four tracks starkly embracing the decade’s quintessential synth-strapped choruses, all-electric guitar formation, and going so far as to mimick a Morrissey-like vocal delivery. Your parents may love it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t either. Give “It’s Over” a try and read our review of the track from it’s month-early release over here.


Spoon – They Want My Soul

Arguably one of August’s most anticipated releases, early appearances from They Want My Soul suspect Spoon have cooked up the best album of their careers. We’d say they have. “Rent I Pay” and “Do You” are keen to please the band’s primal fans, where “Inside Out” begs to usher in new eyes and ears. (Seriously though, have you seen the video for “Inside Out”?) Given the bands abnormal split producing job – the first half done under Joe Chiccarelli’s wing (Beck, My Morning Jacket) with the second end by Dave Fridmann (The Flaming Lips, MGMT) – there’s nothing screaming conventionalism from Spoon’s latest go-around. Ergo, if you’ve never called yourself a Spoonie before, dive in here – there’s no better spot.


Twin Peaks – Wild Onion

Maybe a cloak-and-dagger hype play-off, or perhaps a blameless coincidence, but this week marks the delivery of two Twin Peaks releases: one of them being the remastered release of a cult-classic television show, and the other a Chi-city gang of four’s album called Wild Onion. Party rock meets psych grooves in the quartet’s follow-up to last year’s Sunken, as they’ve no doubt fleeted from the devil-may-care surf sound of once before. Lo-fi fuzz never left the production process, although their music is definitely a lot more Howler and much less Crocodiles. A delicious three-pack of Twin Peaks tunes wait to be streamed below, sure to round out your opinion on the band’s change of pace.


Also available this week:

Adult Jazz – Gist Is

Bear in Heaven – Time Is Over One Day Old

Dikembe – Mediumship


It Looks Sad. – Self-Titled 7″

Lost Boy – Canned

Kevin Morby – “My Name” 7″

Mozart’s Sister – Being

The Rosebuds – Sand + Silence

Spider Bags – Frozen Letter

Tuatara – Underworld


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