Today’s New Track | Seatraffic’s “Man on the Coast”

beauty in the night cover

Songs have a tendency to blow the dust off distant memories, transforming moments forgone into lively daydreams with technicolor embossment beyond your recollection. Perhaps you were at a beach past sundown: sometimes the stars will twinkle brighter, feel closer, even multiply like a diamond spinning overhead – almost the same way a track feels when you shut your eyes really tight and encage yourself in it. You start to forget the world, the stresses of life, and simply dig into that pulsing beat and crescendoing vocals that crash like the waves in your dream.

Music’s ability to take you places is often interchangeable with a certain, special place’s ability to inspire music. During a lengthy stay in Seal Rock, Oregon, singer/songwriter for Seatraffic, Mark Zannad, became absorbed within a numinous feeling while drifting through a deserted beachfront. Something sparked in his brain during the moment, as he describes it:

I was standing on the 4 mile stretch of beach alone and I turned off my flashlight. As I stood there in the darkness of the beach completely isolated, an indescribable presence came over me. Something about the subtle light from the moon, the sound of the waves, and the expansiveness of the beach made me feel as though I wasn’t alone at all. It felt like someone was there with me, not an actual person but some kind of supernatural feeling. “Man on the Coast” tries to capture that feeling in the medium of a song. 

Seatraffic’s newest single opens with a faineant pace, steady and strong with its intentions to evoke life’s past pleasantries. The San Fran duo have a keen ability to craft a dream pop ballad that – while under its spell – feels far and away unlike anything you’ve heard before. That said, give “Man on the Coast” a listen; it’ll be the dreamiest 6 minutes you spend all day, guaranteed.

And if you’re itching for more Seatraffic, there’s always “Precious Stones” – a track three years off from being a Drive OST standout. Of course, come September 9th the band’s first full length album, Beauty in the Night, will release which is currently taking pre-orders here.


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