Fan drunkenly submits Weird Al Super Bowl Halftime Show petition, reaches 100K signatures

weird al

Being far and away the most bizarre Super Bowl Halftime Show contender this year, Weird Al Yankovic could plausibly become our mid-game showman. Through the help of a Seattleite Ed Ball’s drunkenly proposed petition, the tally of supporters has officially hit 100,000 and continues to rise. Taking less than three days to do this, the petition is poised to amass its target 150,000 signatures – a simple task to achieve before the weekend’s end.

To those who may not back a Weird Al performance, consider this: with the rising tornado of beer and Doritos commercials spinning further and further into absurdity, why wouldn’t a parody artist perfectly fit the bill? Weaving in cameos from the popular artists who are his farce’s inspiration would be a simple task. And, needless to say, it would be a memorable halftime show.

After all, Weird Al is flying high off his Billboard 200 chart-topping 14th album, Mandatory Fun; that being apart from his 3-time Grammy winning history of musical parody. He’s got a slew of over 150 songs in his back pocket, so may just be time to begin piecing together your dream setlist.

For a taste of what song could launch his performance, watch Weird Al’s “Sport Song” video.



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