Today’s New Track | Merchandise’s “Green Lady”


Carson Cox swears his next album with Merchandise sounds nothing like the last two. That could mean no more stretched out rock jams. No more bruising headbangers. Instead, he insists he’s pushing to make the most proper pop album they’ve ever done. So far, Cox seems to be hitting somewhere in the middle ground: straddling the fence between punk and power pop.

With the Tampa band’s recent signing to 4AD, that ol’ stadium-consuming sound remains – only it’s been refurbished, further fleshing out the trio’s swelling synth and pounding percussion. Cox continues to lower his jaw, mulling out that Morrissey-drawl of his; something that will continue to indulge fans of past LPs, Totale Night and Children of Desire. “Green Lady” takes stake within the grey area of The Cure hiring a full-fledged jam god sinfonietta. For a second taste, dive into their earlier released “Begging For Your Life/In The City Light” – what Merchandise are uncharacteristically calling their long song for the year (it runs 4 minutes and 23 seconds).

“Green Lady” sits below, a worthy take from Merchandise’s After The End album coming the 25th of August.


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