Today’s New Track | New Build’s “The Sunlight”

new build

Crafting a song with the universal ability to illustrate an unprecedented feeling (or moment of time) is often a rare trope to achieve. The Velvet Underground’s “Heroine” is possibly the greatest musical depiction of this sort – allowing you to rhythmically embody a blood-churning sensation that, for most, is absolutely foreign. New Build‘s newest cut, “The Sunlight”, possesses a likewise ability; one that transports every pair of ears to a still-rising sunset, capturing the chromatic grace of its steady pull over the horizon.

Now, if you are asking yourself the same questions I was upon stumbling across New Build, you may have pondered this: ‘who exactly are these guys? And doubly, how have I never known of them before?’ The matter of the fact is…you likely already have. Not directly perhaps, but of this trio, two-thirds are members of the heavy-hitting dance rock troupe, Hot Chip. (Al Doyle – being the guitarist of both aforementioned bands – also famously played in LCD Soundsystem.) Their last member is Tom Hopkins, best recognized for his electronic composing done at the same studio Hot Chip recorded at.

“The Sunlight” comes from New Build’s October 20th release, Pour it On. And if it doesn’t amaze you now – trust me – try again in the early morning.


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