Lewis, the mysterious synth-folk artist, has been found alive

lewis older

Light in the Attic Records never digressed on their quest to uncover Lewis’ whereabouts, taking every clue and every intuition as evidence to his existence. The hunt lasted two and a half years until finally, today, proof of the man behind the surging legend has come to be. Hiding in plain sight among an undisclosed Canadian town, Randall Wulff (the gentleman also known as Lewis) sat “basking in the summer sun with his classic blond hair, white shorts, white, billowy dress shirt (confidently unbuttoned to the navel), shiny white tennis shoes, and a wooden cane” according to their report.

Sipping on a tall cup of joe, the Light in the Attic folks talked with Lewis for a half-hour, claiming he “had that undeniable charm of some golden-era Hollywood actor,” however he “had no idea about the recent interest in his old records.” In fact, the news didn’t perturb him much at all. When handed a check for the royalties he was owed, Lewis denied the money for personal reasons. Rather, he replied while signing a couple copies of L’Amour, “I wish you guys all the best. I’m not looking back. I’m doing stuff now that’s taken me forty, fifty years to write. I’m not looking into coin. I’m not looking into anything. I’m just strumming my guitar. I just wish you guys all the best in the world.”

Lewis currently rests somewhere in the acreage of Canada with his girlfriend and some kittens, comfortably, in their private abode. Above is the recent snapshot of Lewis, which has been blurred to disguise his location. All in all, seems a fitting conclusion to the questions raised behind this year’s greatest figure of musical intrigue.

lewis discovered picture



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