Today’s New Track | Mannequin Pussy’s “Meat Slave 2”

mannequin pussy

Tiny Engines Records – the same guys who pressed Dikembe’s Mediumship and It Looks Sad.’s 7″ two weeks earlier – are quick to the rebound with new music from punk trio Mannequin Pussy. Typical to their face-crunching repertoire, this Philly-born group isn’t afraid to hit back, yet finds a balance that sinks and soars more than a rollercoaster.

Some tracks off their September 9th release, Gypsy Pervert, could melt your eyebrows – most notably “Clue Juice”. Other tracks, like “Meat Slave 2”, beg to fool you like a stranger with candy, lingering for someone to fall into their tranquilizing web of deception. Without fail, the sound of “Meat Slave 2” turns dark, not for long though as the reverb beckons back – only to be revived again shortly. By Mannequin Pussy backwashing these highs and lows, their own unique blend is formed, leaving a positive aftertaste for future songs.


Tour dates to promote their upcoming album were recently disclosed. See if the band will be visiting your city from the list below:

mannequin pussy tour


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