Origins of Captain Murphy (alter-ego of Flying Lotus) are revealed, along with new song “Cosplay”

captain murphy duality

The voice of Flying Lotus rarely surfaces betwixt his electronic beat-istry and slew of featurette vocalists – unless, that is, his ghostly pseudonym Captain Murphy emerges. Little was disclosed about Captain Murphy beyond his Duality mixtape of 2012 and known inclusion to Flying Lotus’s looming album, You’re Dead! Now – with the animation assistance of Adult Swim – the true genesis to Captain Murphy has finally been told.

In tune with his backstory exposé, a recent track by Captain Murphy also found the light of day. “Cosplay” comes off the 2014 edition of Adult Swim Summer Singles which features an original track each week for 16 weeks. The new single will feature a $0.00 price tag upon its official uploading to Adult Swim on August 18th, but give it a free stream below for good measure:



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