Early Admission ~ TOPS

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Date of Birth: 2009, although it was an on-the-side dabbler for founding members Jane and David. Silly Kissers, the two’s main musical priority, dissolved two years later, whereas they picked up the pieces with Riley Fleck of the band Sugar Boys.

Members Names: Jane Penny does all the vocals, David Carriere swings the guitar, Riley Fleck sets the beat foundation at drums, and Madeline Glowicki recently filled the vacancy at bass.

Current Whereabouts: Hanging back in hometown Montreal most likely, reveling in the hype building around their newest singles. Jane, David and Madeline all rein from Edmonton, Alberta (in fact, they all first met in middle school only to become full-fledged bandmates much later).

Sound Relations: Heavily digestible, like those idyllic jams out of every 70s and 80s diner scene. The quartet’s synthpop creations pull cues from the more unconventional pop soirees of Ariel Pink with a slightly punky underbelly (like that of “The Pink Room”). TOPS is a well-oiled machine, churning each gear in their box perfectly in tune, highlighting one another exceptionally during the sedating chord structure of “Way to be Loved” or to the hushing breeze of Jane’s vocals, like whispers through a forest’s branches.

Recent Doings: TOPS wrapped up a few stints in Montreal and Toronto end of last month, all after their coast to coast tour through the States back in March and April. Summer 2014’s end focused on their upcoming release of album number two, Picture You Staring, coming September 2nd. Judging by the Lynch-ian coos of “Outside” – a song linked by a bassline as swaggy as Steve McQueen – eleven more stunners are waiting behind the record’s pastel smacked artwork (three of which are streamable on this page).

Current Label: Montreal’s very own Arbutus Records

Digital Personas: Facebook    Twitter    Soundcloud    Bandcamp


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