Today’s New Track | Tennis’s “I’m Callin'”


With the last waves of summer strolling by, the tides of surf pop season are shallowing out. But let’s be honest – beach jams never lose their appeal (any disagreers should throw on Pet Sounds or Waaves). After all, it’s summer somewhere. Now, here we are in the later half of August, charmed – if not happy as a clam – to stumble across a new sunbathed track from Denver’s Tennis.

Husband-and-wife duo Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley co-mingled Tennis after a seven month sailing embarkment down the Eastern Atlantic Seaboard. (Fitting their music echoes its reason of genesis, eh?) Since their debut in 2010, the two (plus drummer James Barone) haven’t left that ray-soaked mindset for a second, wringing out new material every year. Their latest, “I’m Callin’,” requires a minimum SPF 7o to not fry you with its disco vibes.

More is set to come off the band’s third full album, Ritual in Repeat, marked for a September 9th release.


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