Today’s New Track | Huon Kind’s “Stay The Same”

huon kind

No one person will ever fill the absence of Isaac Hayes. Instead we are dependent on the savviness of the many; those with enough soul and under-the-sheets sweat to ever slightly slip into his gold chain vest and shades. His sultry voice will forever coo in the bedrooms of the world, but today marks the entrance of a new contender: Huon Kind.

Brimming from the coastline of the Tasman Sea, from the 80s-ladened minds within the alcoves of Sydney, rest Andrew Knox and James Laurence. Being self-proclaimed “masters of hyperrelaxation,” this funkster duo doesn’t shy from easing you in with a clean snare kick and guitar pick – all before flipping the switch on a lush synth inclusion. Laurence’s vocals add major gusto to the steady grind of overlapping elements that culminate to be a sugar-sweet first release.

If you’re the type who prefers their music matched to a bit of visual flair, a music video for “Stay The Same” has made its way here, too. Enjoy!


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