Today’s New Track | Cull’s “Magi Fuel”


There’s been no shortage of ball-dropping tracks sailing over from Australia this summer. “Magi Fuel” is the newest to wash ashore, a quirky psych jam that wish-washes down its own path of widemouth creation. The near 4-minute jam was arranged by Cull, a band with as many members as letters in their name. This Sydney-located group hones a unique ear for sound (as well as an array of distortion pedals) which result for plenty of mindbenders and song contortion. They’re prefixed somewhere between Deerhunter and Tame Impala’s mainstream obscurity – dashed with the profoundness of a Swans song – while tripped out on some sort of black hole space drug. Needless to say, it’s not something your partner’s folks would enjoy; but you will.

“Magi Fuel” comes off Cull’s second EP (also titled Magi Fuel), which has no set release date beyond late 2014. (And now that your shoegaze sweet tooth has been itched, dive into their first EP, Bà Nội here. Specifically, “The Sacred Burial Urn” stands out as an oddball romper, like Fleet Foxes trapped in a swirling time warp.)


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