Monthly Mixtape: August 2014

As the summer nears its end we’ve been introduced to some of the summer (and year’s) greatest albums, while also saying sayonara to one of the decade’s most ambitious acts, Darkside. We’ve found the ever-transluscent Lewis, along with a third album to his growing discography; not to forget the visceral audio/video snippets to Flying Lotus’s soon-to-arrive album, which is gaining hype to near Everest heights. As for the month’s highlight tracks, well, they’ve been simply compiled into a playlist for you below. So, have at it!

If you’d like to further dip into any track that wets your whistle, be sure to visit the Today’s New Track, New Album Releases or other sections above for further info.

For your navigation pleasure, here is the tracklist breakdown:

01  Darkside – “Gone Too Soon”  0:00

02  TOPS – “Outside”  5:24

03  Literature – “New Jacket”  8:59

04  FaltyDL – “Some Jazz Shit”  12:17

05  Huon Kind – “Stay The Same”  18:30

06  Kindness – “World Restart (feat. Kelela & Ade)”  21:45

07  Captain Murphy – “Cosplay”  26:24

08  Tennis – “I’m Callin'”  29:07

09  Seatraffic – “Man on the Coast”  32:42

10  TOPS – “Sleeptalker”  38:37

11  New Build – “The Sunlight”  41:02

12  J Mascis – “Wide Awake”  45:21

13  Museum of Love – “Monotronic”  48:51

14  Mannequin Pussy – “Meat Slave 2”  53:42

15  Cull – “Magi Fuel”  57:10


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