Flight of the Conchords nix reunion rumors, confirm new HBO collaboration

flight of the conchords

Following the New Zealand duo’s short, two-season run at HBO, fans have patiently awaited the genre parodists return to premium cable. Recent speculations got out of hand after one-half of the Flight of the Conchords combo, Jemaine Clement, was interviewed by The Guardian proclaiming “HBO had commissioned a new, four-episode comedy show from Clement,” which many assumed was a continuation of him and his partner Bret McKenzie’s acclaimed show. The truth of the matter, however, is a different story.

To clarify the details and curb any ficticious buzz, Clement went to twitter to say:

To not dissuade his restless followers, additionally, Clement did confirm the news of his recent talks with their Flight of the Conchord’s former distributor HBO.

In what may somewhat fuel the eagerness for Clement and McKenzie’s next project, Uproxx noted Clement’s admittance of how the group teases the idea of making “a movie every so often.”

He goes on to say, “sometimes it feels like we lost a lot of impetus over the last couple of years. But Bret, James [Bobin, lead director] and me, we all want to do a musical. It would be good to do something all together … I miss playing Flight of the Conchords gigs.”


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