St. Paul’s Turf Club reopens after summer renovations

Nuzzled near the corner of University Ave and Snelling Ave, Turf Club has remained to be a Twin Cities landmark since the 1940s. Bar its perpetual trading of ownership, the star-encrusted First Avenue venue in downtown Minneapolis purchased the Turf Club last fall for an undisclosed amount of money. Plans to revitalize the bar and rekindle dissipating interest were quickly undergone.

Summer passed with their doors locked and hundreds of thousands of dollars were poured into its development. New General Manager Nathan Kranz took the reins during construction to update what needed updating, while maintaining the set pieces that pleased past fans.

The more noticeable changes are as follows:

  • A pullled-back stage curtain which reveals a newly discovered horse-racing mural. The Pioneer Press published a photo recently of the new backdrop for all future musical acts at Turf Club.
  • New hours of operation. Instead of opening later in the day for scheduled shows, they will remain open every day of the week starting at 11 a.m. (and earlier on weekends).
  • They’ve added a kitchen to attract customers who’d be more interested in a neighborhood pub atmosphere versus a bar and live music setup. The added hours of operation make it possible to have brunch with a friend or a quick, after-work beer.
  • Overhauled bathrooms, a raised ceiling and all-around minor cosmetic changes to the bartop, furniture and front door.
  • The sound system has seen significant upgrades, a rather useful addition for a club who’s hosting 26 nights of shows for just the month of September.

Star Tribune recently suppled coverage for The Jayhawks show which saw a sold-out crowd on Thursday. The Current’s Dave Campbell hosted the event with a rather impromptu method of forming the native band’s setlist: by drawing random songs out of a box (ranging across the group’s 20-plus year discography). With the excitement surrounding Turf Club’s reopening and the roulette-style evening, the 300-capacity club floor was presented with a rather engaging, yet unorthodox evening.

A list of future shows can be found on the Turf Club’s website. Tickets to see the prolific California-rocker Ty Segall have already been sold out, but spots are still available to witness performances by Christopher Owens, Ought and Sinkane.


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