Paul McCartney scores a video game, releases unusual single

McCartney working with Marty O'Donnell (photo by: Destructoid -

McCartney working with Marty O’Donnell (photo by: Destructoid –

Treading into new territory, the former-Beatles star, Paul McCartney, has broken into the foray of virtual entertainment by composing original music for developer Bungie’s reportedly $500 million video game, Destiny. Released on September 9th, Polygon reports the game has already shipped “more than half a billion dollars worth” of copies – making it the “biggest new franchise launch in history.” With that much cash involved, it begs the question: how much of that money went into McCartney’s pocket? Well, as a matter of fact, none of it did.

In an interview with Vulture, Bungie’s Community Manager Eric Osbourne spoke about how exactly McCartney was approached to provide music for Destiny, with the assumption in mind that a sizable check was involved. Osbourne had this to say:

“There was no check involved, big or otherwise. He’s in it for the creativity. He got a wonderful opportunity to reach an audience that wouldn’t typically be immersed in Paul McCartney. They might hear the name — of course he’s everywhere, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics, obviously he’s touring and recording nonstop — but he sees it as a way to reach a new audience that might not otherwise hear his music.”

McCartney contributed orchestral elements to Destiny, yet, most notably, released a single that can be heard at the game’s credit role. It was composed together with the well-regarded (former) Bungie composer Marty O’Donnell at Abbey Road Studios. IGN reports the collaboration included a 120-piece orchestral ensemble to complete, and “features vocals from [McCartney].” The song (which has received mixed reviews) is called “Hope for the Future” and can be heard below:



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