Chicago Mayor marks September 23 as David Bowie Day

bowie exhibit

On September 23rd, “David Bowie Is” will be unveiled at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. To help inaugurate the dawn of the exhibition, Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago, has declared the same day to be David Bowie Day.

This decree has been earned through Bowie’s “imaginative material and provocative performances that include lauded lyricism and risqué subject matters.” Through his 50-plus year career, the man alternatively known as Ziggy Stardust has become “an undisputed global icon,” while accomplishing feats as he has “bridged cultures and faiths.” Give the full document a read below:

david bowie day

Consequence of Sound details that the show has seen audiences “in London, Berlin, Sao Paulo and Toronto over the last two years,” making this the U.S. debut for the interactive exhibition. Coming from Bowie’s archives, displays will feature over 300 artifacts, including: set designs, handwritten lyrics, album artwork, costumes and plenty of photography. Video will accompany the Windy City showcase, most notably the documentary David Bowie Is Happening Now.

Lectures by “Bryan Ferry (September 17), director Todd Hayes (October 5) and Of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes (November 20) are all scheduled to participate” at the museum, Pitchfork reports. Two cover series called “Bowie Changes” and “Covering Bowie” will also appear alongside performances from various artists.

If you are looking for further details about events, visit the Bowie Gala website here before January 4th comes along and it’s too late!


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