Prince drops “Funknroll,” a shared track from his dual album release

Music royalty Prince during his episode on New Girl. (Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

Music royalty Prince during his episode on New Girl. (Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

Just to clarify, this version of “Funknroll” (found below) is the first of two renditions. As it is clued by the album artwork (and Billboard’s article), this cut will be featured on Prince’s solo release, Art Official Age, due out September 30th. Coinciding with this date will be the release of Prince’s backing band 3rdEyeGirl’s album, Plectrumelectrum; featuring their collective version of “Funknroll,” as well.

The Rolling Stone may call it a “giddy new floor-stomping track” while the Star Tribune pegs it closer to “one of Prince’s most classic jams, “Housequake.”’ All in all, it’s a synth-laden party buster of a jam, fueled by romance and a lot of electronic-flavor. As the beat drops 20 seconds in, few will recognize the turn Prince has taken “Funknroll,” as it chimes closer to a Top 40 radio hit than the Prince who Generation X remembers.

Slowly, songs have been shed from Prince’s dual album release with earlier shown tracks like “Breakfast Can Wait” (with its ineffable single artwork) evoking the sultry-sweet Minneapolis artist as most recall. Other songs like “Clouds” and “U Know” – coming from Art Official Age – contrive from a similar sense of funk. It should be a downright groovy (yet diversely-sounding) time of new Prince jams come the end of September.

To see Prince’s first and only live performance of “Funknroll” from the Arsenio Hall show, watch the video underneath.


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