Meet Spooky Black, Minnesota’s newest viral sensation

Spooky Black from is viral hit "Without You" // via Youtube

Spooky Black from his viral hit “Without You” // via Youtube

A shroud of secrecy surrounds Spooky Black and his blue hearted video “Without You.” Few facts are known beyond his St. Paul residency and his age – which is 16 – despite the 1.5 million views his buzzing R&B hit has already amassed.

Buzzfeed recently documented the du-rag-fueled slow jam, not to forget Complex’s coverage among others. This and other Spooky Black tracks have trickled onto The Current’s steady rotation, while the Star Tribune confirms that “the Windish Agency, one of the nation’s biggest booking agencies, has signed him even though he has yet to perform a true gig.” He even has a manager now (Minneapolis native Doc McKinney) who has engineered and produced tracks for Drake and Santigold.

Although Spooky Black has earned his stripes from a video that graces itself like an Awkward Family Photos montage, he is a bonafide musician. The sleepy synth and sexually charged lyrics being his allure, he’s sure to round up more attention to his Black Silk album (from which “Without You” is from).

Spooky Black’s archive of sounds – that mesh somewhere between James Blake and R. Kelly – can be heard on his SoundCloud page here. The much-talked-about and must-see video of his (“Without You”) is also below.


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