Hymie’s Vintage Records in Minneapolis launches own label

7" singles and LPs galore within Hymie's doors // via picturestpaul.blogspot.com

7″ singles and LPs galore within Hymie’s doors // via picturestpaul.blogspot.com

Dave and Laura Hoenack have handled and dropped needles onto hundreds of crates of records in their time of operating Hymie’s Vintage Records. Since moving in 2010 onto East Lake Street in Minneapolis – and with their son and daughter in tow – the Hoenacks have established one of the foremost-known shops to stock up on vinyl of past and present. This week, they are commencing work toward new efforts: bringing to fruition Hymie’s Records.

Memorializing the opening of the label, Hymie’s announced their first in-house pressings would be from Minneapolis-based acoustic artists Ben Weaver and Brian Laidlaw and the Family Trade. The Ben Weaver release happens to be his 8th album, called I Would Rather Be A Buffalo; as the Brian Laidlaw release is a two-song pressing on a 7″ 45rpm single.

Both artists performed last April in-store at Hymie’s for Record Store Day, and united again for a launch party at Cedar Cultural Center. The Hoenacks recognized (when speaking to Vita.mn) that it was Laidlaw who first spurred them to follow through with the label idea, to which Weaver added another layer of support.

After finding success in the upper Midwest, the Hoenecks are on track to stretching their arms (and sales) worldwide. To buy their first two vinyl cuts (that are available now), you can, of course, always make a trip to Hymie’s Vintage Records.

Poster for the launch party // via hymiesrecords.com

Poster for the launch party // via hymiesrecords.com


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