Twin Cities rap group, The Stand4rd, are about to hit it big

Allan Kingdom, Psymun, Spooky Black and Bobby Raps stand left to right // photo by Conner Evert

Allan Kingdom, Psymun, Spooky Black and Bobby Raps stand left to right // photo by Conner Evert

Four members – each of them repping a piece of the medallion that amounts to be The Stand4rd – will be publicly appearing for the first time this Saturday. Being the group’s premiere, they’ve chosen their hometown to kickoff the upcoming tour that stretches from Toronto to New York City, followed by a couple shows in California and then Chicago. The larger half of the shows take place on weekends (or leading into one) since one-quarter of their troop, Spooky Black, wants to insure he won’t miss school.

Spooky (also called Lil Spook) gained steam through GIF trafficking and Youtube video sharing off his Internet sensation “Without You.” Allan Kingdom – a young man whose vocal twists reflect a nasal tone that hasn’t been as effectively heard since Pharcyde and (most recently) Chance the Rapper – rounds out the underage half of The Stand4rd. That means if you’re looking to share a round with the rap group, you’ll be left with Psymun and Bobby Raps who could legally join in. Psymun earns his limelight through recent collaboration with K.Raydio for their album LucidDreamingSkylines, with standouts “Sweet Dreamz” and “Perhaps” being must listen-to’s with a happenstance toward those trippier Flying Lotus tracks. Bobby Raps earned his stake as a hook generator and beatmaker, seen previously alongside Muja Messiah, Audio Perm and others. Together, the team all has work in front of and behind the mic (with Psymun even designing their tour shirts).

City Pages touts them as “the New Twin Cities Rap Supergroup”, which isn’t too much of a leap, all considering their spring-released tracks have totaled over 1 million plays in the last six months. With the management of Doc McKinney (a Minneapolis native pocketing work with The Weeknd, Drake and Santigold), The Stand4rd has steadily emerged toward a tighter, more cohesive sound. Their on-stage debut at the Amsterdam Bar & Hall is sold-out and will blend each member’s solo efforts with the group’s original material – meant as a way to build trust in each other’s talents.

DJ Khaled was handed the mic outside from his work with Lil Wayne, Kanye and Rick Ross to throw some hype toward the Nov. 4th release of The Stand4rd’s breakout album. “Allan Kingdom, Bobby Raps and Psymun, Spooky Black – I see you! Keep winnin’! Keep bein’ the best!” Khaled exclaims before a cut-away to Spooky’s arching eyebrows and subtle grin. First came Atmosphere, then Doomtree, and now there is The Stand4rd. It doesn’t hurt to be a fan now before everyone you know is a fan as well.

The Stand4rd tour


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