Alex Zhang Hungtai sheds his Dirty Beaches alias for good

Alex Zhang Hungtai posed in a press photo, looking slick // photo by Daniel Boud

Alex Zhang Hungtai posed in a press photo, looking slick // photo by Daniel Boud

You can’t exactly say the band is breaking up, considering Dirty Beaches has always been the child project of Alex Zhang Hungtai. He’s just determined it’s time to move onto better ventures, it seems. His reasoning? Nothing in particular – except that he chalks this up as possibly not being “a smart move.” Hungtai isn’t planning to quit music altogether, though; he’s making moves behind the scenes for projects to appear in 2015, or so he promises. To be frank, these were his exact words in 140 characters or less:

The most monumental coincidence to the timing of this is the release of his album Stateless on Nov. 4 via Zoo Music. Right now, Stateless is available to be streamed here and plays as an instrumental record that utilized the help of David Lynch collaborator Dean Hurley and Italian composer Vittorio Demarin. Hungtai, the Montreal-based musician, situates himself to the murky, atmospheric tones of prior to recreate a similar sense of peace and uneasiness in his newest collection of sounds.

FACT Magazine called his 2011 album, Badlands, a “fantastically eerie collection of loop experiments” and Pitchfork starred his 2013 record Drifters / Love Is The Devil as Best New Music, calling it “sprawling and detailed, a sonic travelogue that takes the textural aspects of his work to impressionistic heights.” Stateless marks itself to be the final in a line of excellent releases from Hungtai. It’s unfortunate to see him go, but those sentiments are held with optimism; optimism that his newest musical efforts aren’t simply a pipe dream.

Stream the lead-off track to Stateless (below) if you aren’t already streaming the album.


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