James Franco to release album and film with his band Daddy

James Franco's painted artwork for the "This Charming Man" video // via Pitchfork

James Franco’s painted artwork for the “This Charming Man” video // via Pitchfork

Remember when James Franco’s name couldn’t be whispered without being bundled alongside the term Renaissance Man? Well, if any dissenters toward his imposed title still exist, Franco has added another artistic medium to his repertoire: musician.

Dating back to his time as an MFA student at the Rhode Island School of Design, Franco joined forces with a fellow named Tim O’Keefe, who later composed music for both of Franco’s William Faulkner-inspired films, and now are uniting to pursue another mutual project fueled by original music under their band, Daddy. The full length album is to be called Let Me Get What I Want and came to fruition from a book of verses by Franco titled Directing Herbert White: Poems. The words within his book of poetry are not used verbatim, but half of them are “Poems Inspired by Smiths’ Songs.” So yes, it’s exactly as it sounds. Franco and O’Keefe are writing songs based off Franco’s poetry that riff off Smiths’ songs. And as to cater toward Franco’s latest efforts, actual Smiths bassist Andy Rourke has actively participated on every song on the album.

VICE premiered the first of Daddy’s tracks, “This Charming Man”, which can be streamed here.

Consider this video part one of ten, each amounting toward an ultimate looping film (meaning there is no beginning or end). Accompanying each song is a portrait also painted by Franco, the first of which is pictured atop this article.

Seemingly, James Franco now joins the ranks of similar comedic actors who are making their mark in the music industry; most notably, Michael Cera with his surprise album this summer and, least notably, Macauley Culkin with his one-hit joke troupe, The Pizza Underground. All one can do is hope that Franco’s ambitions will rise to the test once his band’s album drops next year.


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