LEGO Daft Punk may soon be a reality

One of the rendered Daft Punk LEGO builds from user Autorazr.

One of the rendered Daft Punk LEGO builds from user Autorazr.

Previously, the two French electronic music auteurs have minimized their robot bodies as action figures, however, Daft Punk may be downsizing even further. Coming off of LEGO’s Ideas page, user Autorazr has crafted a Kickstarter-esque submission asking fans to help pass a signature threshold. So far, over 4,500 supporters have been accounted for, and only 10,000 are needed to approve the design – meaning that inner mix of love for dance music wizardry and staying-a-kid-forever mentality could soon be culminated into one funky, brick-stacking climax.

Yes, the battle for mini block sequencers, bass guitars, robot figurines and a full replica of Daft Punk’s Alive 2007 stage is already half-way over. More details to the potential Daft Punk LEGO set can be found here, where your support is still greatly needed.

The immediate outlook doesn’t forecast these LEGO figures or sets to be available anytime soon – definitely not for Christmas – but with 138 days remaining to reach its goal, all those little ones and steadfast house fans might just get lucky enough to own the figurines (and set) eventually.

The French robots are apparently still riding off the fumes of their enormously successful, 2013 Album of the Year Grammy-winning Random Access Memories. Considering their recent film adaptation in the autobiographical French film Eden, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter can seemingly remain slunk in the sidelines as the world raves in their glory. At least when they’ve got slick LEGO creations like these in the works:

lego daft punk 2lego daft punk 3


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