About me

Welcome to Grooveroo!

Born and named Sam (after the Cheers bartender), I live rooted under the belly of Canada hailing from a suburban town in Minnesota — a place with more lakes than notary people, places and cultural artifacts combined. It’s no Mecca of music, although it jumpstarted my musical interest better than any other state would have. As a teenager, I purchased “Blonde on Blonde” (via compact disc) on the instinct that “people won’t shut up about this Bob Dylan guy.” And my Prince discovery was much in the same.

A decade later and here I am: a musical sponge and vinyl devotee. Every day begins and ends with music for me — whether it be pumping myself up to one of James Murphy’s patented long-drawn intros, reading aside a Davis/Coletrane compilation or pulverizing my car’s speakers to some Sonic Youth noise experimentation. As of now, I still reside in Minneapolis as a senior college student at the University of Minnesota. I’m one of a handful of editors for Wake Magazine (an on campus publication) while I additionally chose to start-up this music site, posting every day aside from weekends since June 2014.


email ~ @Grooveroo ~ Tumblr ~ Facebook ~ Soundcloud


If you like the site and want to tell me your thoughts – tweet at me! Or maybe you’re an upcoming band looking for some coverage? I’ll always take submissions through email at samschaust@grooveroo.net.

For any physical submissions, please email me and I will gladly provide you a mailing address.


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